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Originally Posted by greycats

Most interestingly, between the spinner and the fireplace, sits a spinning wheel, unused. A spinning wheel is a lot more efficient if one wants to turn out sufficient yarn to cloth the family. Its even more flexible in some ways than using the distaff and spindle. So why not use it? I can think of a couple of reasons (other than for purposes of illustration) that someone might revert to the older method of spinning thread/yarn. But, Id like to hear other opinions. Why do you think shes using the spindle and distaff rather than the spinning wheel?
I think it shows the importance of the initial act of making something from nothing; the wheel made the process more efficient, but the actual essence of the spark of creation is in her hands and the spindle. Without this knowledge, this power to make something out of nothing, the spinning wheel would not have come to be. It's like the difference between reading a book and writing one - becoming immersed in, and connected to, the creative source.

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