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Originally Posted by Kimber
Another thought I'd like to add. Saturn is a hard task master; if you don't get it right, you'll keep doing it over until you do! Anyone who has experienced a Saturn retrograde will know exactly what I mean. Under Saturn's influence, we often learn the hard way - but we eventually learn. That's where the growth and renewal comes in.

This makes me think of another exercise I like to do with people regarding Saturn. Saturn can be a big scary monster but it doesn't have to be. Saturn has a 28 year cycle. We all have our first Saturn return at age 28. But Saturn aspects for people every 7 years. At age 7 it squares at age 14 it opposes it's natal position at 21 it squares again opposing the 7 year old square ( this opposition at age 21 gives clarity to who you were at 7) and so on.
But here is what is really cool at 28 it returns to the place it was when you were born. At 35 you are back to were you were at age 7 age 42 you get to revisit issues from 14 and at age 49 you get a new perspective on age21. People from this time in your life will even start popping back in and mist if the time there is role reversal involved. Check it out in your own life ... It is uncanny!
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