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Originally Posted by Kimber
I think it shows the importance of the initial act of making something from nothing; the wheel made the process more efficient, but the actual essence of the spark of creation is in her hands and the spindle. Without this knowledge, this power to make something out of nothing, the spinning wheel would not have come to be. It's like the difference between reading a book and writing one - becoming immersed in, and connected to, the creative source.

thank you Kimber I think you just gave me the definative words for the Queen of Wands..."immersion with and connection to the creative source." The Queen of Wands is the Muse. At least it is true for me. The first card that pulled me into the tarot and made me seek more about it was the Queen of Wands. She has always remained a bit of a special mystery to me. I wanted to know who she was because of her black cat. When I was 21 people unrelated and not prone to seeing phantoms saw a black cat in my apartment. I didn't have a black cat. Which was why I wanted to find out about her even more. 7 years later I started Ancestral Path to learn tarot the rest is history...
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