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Originally Posted by baba-prague
I'm so glad that the little shop box has been discussed. We put it in, took it out again, and then added it back when we did the final image for this card. I have in mind a scenario - maybe the way you can imagine a film beginning - in which an elegant young woman goes to buy various fripperies, and then decides, "Oh what a lark!", to have her tarot read by some old woman that all her friends have told her is THE person to go to right now. So she sits down, expecting to be amused, and in fact, she gets a serious reading which is much more than she bargained for. The tarot reader is kind, but issues a stern warning. We hear romantic but ominous music with violins and some distant drums - and the story begins to unroll on our screens.

Or something like that.
LOL! Karen, that is EXACTLY what I pictured as the story for the card. It's such a wonderfully classic scenario out of old Hollywood and old horror novels It's one of the reasons I so love this deck--that you're not afraid to indulge in all those tropes and funhouse devices of beloved horror films as well as books and stories (3/Pents with classic Frankenstein is still one of my all time faves!).

We know this scene and where it goes. And yes, that box of flipperies is SO important! It's important to tell us about this lady for whom things are going so right, who has been lucky in that she was born to a world of wealth and status: She might not consider that the Wheel of Fortune can turn any time for her as much as anyone! Luck changes suddenly and without warning.

It also shows us that her little happy world might be a bit narrow--concentrating on shopping and her own society and not much else. By going to see the Fortune Teller she takes her first step into a wider world, and hears a fortune that indicates that it will expand and go beyond what she might imagine--also a function of the Wheel of Fortune card, a card about expanding universes and experiences.

Luck, fortune (as in money, too) are shown in her dress and shopping bag; changes and expansion are shown in the fortune teller and their meeting. It's a wonderful scene that puts us at the center of that turning wheel, the calm eye of the storm before we head back out and are captured by it all once again. Very cool card!
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