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Crystal Tarot Swords 6-10

Hi everyone,

Is anyone else out there??? Jewel-ry asks herself

OK then - The Swords 6-10
Just like to say here that I wish I knew more about geometry because the LWB (sorry Diana) says about the swords that 'sad geometries are formed'. I am definately going to get the Sacred Geometry Oracle for xmas so perhaps will be able to update these threads at a later date.

Six - This card is called 'contradictions - the search for coherance is not an immediate search'. Well, yes, understanding is difficult!
The sixes speak of harmony, beauty, new beginnings, communication. Is it a contradiction that the card has crossed swords on it? All swords point in different directions. Is that THING a lobster? There is smoother water towards the back of the card and a more erratic flow towards the front. Could this card be talking of connections of life, e.g. lobster, water, sun, fire, seabed, earth, clouds, air. What is the contradiction? Is it just that we dont understand the card?

Seven - This card I get. There is a face in a boxed square of swords. He looks boxed off, I can see hidden secrets, keeping something to yourself, a loner. The face has what looks like a dagger going through it, splitting the face - two-faced?? Traitor, Dont accept at face value. There are darker colours towards the bottom of this card. The water looks murkier, muddier. Is someones reputation being 'muddied'? There is an upturned crescent moon in a triangle of swords towards the top of the card. Any ideas anyone??

Eight - This card is just like the four (you can see a scan of the four in the other thread on the swords) but there are 8 swords. The 8 swords fill all of the gaps. The defenses are up.

Nine - Here comes that THING again. This card is just like the 6 but there are more swords. The card looks like all of the emotions, all of the water is behind a barrier. Need help here Diiiaaaannnaaa, Jewel-ry calls for help.

Ten - This card is like the 8 but even more swords. Now, there is no way of manoevering between the barriers. Its a bit like pick-up sticks. Imagine being in the middle of it and not knowing which way to turn. If your not careful you'll get stabbed.

Thats it. I need help here guys. I'm not giving up though.

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