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I see pairings..... 6 and 9.... 8 and 10
.........and 7 seeming entirely different. The fact of different colouration and design suggests to me that this is a particularly important card.

Seven .... the number which “unites the four elements of the body and the 3 elements of the soul..... the pure and perfect number” suggesting inner growth and spiritual awakenings.
Relating to the Chariot ...... victory, a chance to triumph.
Put them together and I get.... an opportunity to triumph over the ego, the transcend the mundane.
The lightening...enlightenment... depicted in the Tower [16....1+6=7] suggests the key.

I see the human head [seat of the intellect, thinking] enclosed into a square formed by swords [the 4 elements of the body].
I see a ‘dagger of light’ [reminiscent of the ‘bolt of enlightenment’] emanating from above [the spiritual plane] and piercing mind and body.
The ‘dagger of light’ becomes more elaborate and detailed outside of the ‘box’ - suggesting the riches to be found if one transcends the mundane?
The central crescent moon also symbolises spiritual enlightenment.

So.... I understand this card to be posing a challenge.
Will we remain locked into thought.... which encloses us and keeps us from experiencing the wealth of spiritual enlightenment?
Or will we seek to triumph over the mundane and escape the world of thought and ego?
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