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Hi jewel-ry!

I agree that the creature looks most like a lobster. There’s a fascinating discussion about the shellfish in The Moon [I've had to remove the url 'cos I couldn't get it to work] - See Firemaiden's Table of Contents at the head of the Using Tarot Cards Board - Major arcana - XVIII The Moon - Why is there a lobester in the moon?
I think symbolically the lobster or crayfish refers to the unconscious mind, the primordial and primitive.

I see the red/orange/earthy line at the bottom of the six and nine precisely as you do...... the earthly realm, the conscious mind.

Looking at the six and nine again in this light, the cards could be said to be split into three.... the conscious mind, the unconscious and at the top, the green spiral-patterned globe of the spiritual realm.

In both cards the conscious mind is kept in place by thought [sword/s] ........ the unconscious is speared by thought.....although the two swords pointing upwards might suggest that focused thinking can lead towards spiritual awareness?
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