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I thought I would ad the The Pearls of Wisdom Tarot images have been printed in Mosaic magazine of Edmonton for the past year. It is a beautiful magazine with bright colours and some awesome artist's. They had a series on your Soul card, which featured my cards. If you are interested, you can subscribe to the magazine too. Lots of new age advice, health and healing.

I took on the Tarot as a path to healing my very broken spirit. I thought if I can heal my spirit, maybe my body will come along. I painted the most optimistic deck out there because I painted what I needed to see. When you are in the darkest of dark places, neon light is sometimes what is needed. Over the past year I have found that my body is following my spirit and I am getting well again. I hope that the Pearls Deck offers healing for others, feeling better is such a gift.

I am currently working on a series of acrylic paintings for a show in Jamaica. If there is interest I can post a few as I go along. My theme is "Caribbean dolls". My Grandmother traveled the all around the world and brought me back dolls from everywhere she went. It was like receiving a little "goddess" from every country. I loved all the different costumes and types of dolls. My favourite is one made of banana leaves and a cacao nut.

My first "Doll Series" was what let me to the tarot as many friends thought my paintings looked like tarot cards. Now I look back, I can see the connection and how it translated into the tarot. If you are interested I will post a few more. Sorry of the quality, but they have to be small files to upload. Enjoy! Hexi
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