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Something wrong with majors only ?

Yes - OK - I am a collector.

BUT - why do so few people want to get involved with 22 card decks ? It is well possible to read with them - many here actually discuss the interesting idea of taking the minors out of their 78 card decks and using only the majors - so..... And anyway - is it ONLY the rabid collectors like me who like the ART of the decks ? I see, quite often, when someone like Adam McLean publishes his lovely and very reasonable art decks, or when someone says they have done all the majors and are looking to publish:

"Lovely, where are the minors ?" or "I'll wait for the full deck" and so on.

So when an artist actually wants to create a 22 cards deck - is it not worth having ?

I think - for instance - of the Sidhe. OK - many knew there would be a full deck - but when there is a lovely majors only deck out there, and one knows that it will hardly be identical with the full deck - what is there to stop it appealing as a purchase ?

And what of those - like many of Ly Narciso's decks - which will only ever be majors only ? should we not buy them because they are majors only ? Poor old artists....

But - what do others think ? Should 22 card decks stay in the closet ? Or are people just not hearing about them ? or what ?
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