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Can I guess it's the same that prompts one to dislike non-scenic pips? (I'm on the fast track to collector-dom myself so I like everything ).

I think many people want specificity. It's like use of clarifying cards. Honing in further and further until there are no questions left. Majors only decks forces the reader to look very deeply, with less cards. This might be uncomfortable for some. Each major is a microcosm in itself. We may not trust ourselves enough to see everything in less than 1/3 of the usual deck.

I may just be greedy when I say that I'm waiting for the entire "Prairie Tarot" deck to come out, rather than just being satisfied with the majors because I want to see more. And there is an _expectation_ that more will follow. [I was typing same time as karenQuilter .]

But with Ly, I knew that there would only be majors. And I wanted the art, so I got it anyway. I do majors only spreads. They're great. But I don't do them often because I find them more challenging.
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