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Margarete Petersen Tarot - 0 - The Fool

  • You are young - far from home --
    A glittering crevice--
    Heaven -- Sun -- Clouds --
    foaming, effervescent water.
    The elements at play.
    Blue breath.
    Risk the path for its own sake.
    There, where Chaos begins, engage.
    Where you face life alone, without the help of convention, engage.

Link to image: Der Narr

I confess, I love this image. I love the transparent gryffin and the Fool's red dress. I love the radiating sun and the jagged mountain range that looks like ice, I love the snow-globe microcosm -the Fool's world, bound by slivers of moon and sun, balanced - as though floating - in the center of a foaming sea and a churning sky ("the elements at play")

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