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Originally Posted by Floss
Daaaangerdooooork .... where aaaaaarreee yooooouu ......

He hasn't been active here since July last year (bad sign ..) perhaps if we all yell loud enough he'll hear us ... there's enough fabulous info in this thread for a small BOOK ... I can see it now ... The Seven Stations Dangerdork/Carter - buy now on Amazon ...!!
Last time I bumped the thread he got a notification cause he has thread watching turned on for this thread. Hopefully that's still the case and he'll pop back in to see what's going on.

This is definitely a dangerdork production. I'm just a cheerleader....

Originally Posted by rwcarter
I believe that all of the Majors should interrelate to one another in some way shape or form. It's just up to us to figure out how.
I'm pretty sure I mentioned it earlier in the thread but I'm too lazy right now to search for it, so I'll grab this bit of text. I'm currently doing an Intensive Deck Study (IDS) with the Mythic Tarot (my first deck almost 20 years ago). The Majors in this deck have been re-ordered, so it will be interesting to see if the structure of the Seven Stations holds up when the Majors are in a different ordering beyond the 8/11 issue....

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