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As to mythology, as it was told above, there is the Pan, forest God.
It is the God of silence, loneliness, solitude, the shepherd, loving languor.
Two white rabbits, symbol of fertility and, at the same time, it is the hint that Pan was taken to Olympus, wrapped in rabbit skin.
We can see bear and cub, in ancient rituals bear symbolized a groom.
We see the dear behind his shoulder, it is the symbol of purity, masculinity and maturity, and at the same time the symbol of loneliness and solitude.
Pan has become a victim of strict Artemis, goddess of hunting and Moon, who is strictly guarded innocence and purity, and not only hears, but also served her nymphs. No wonder in ancient times, young people sacrificed a goat, or deer for Artemis before they marry, to prevent them from loneliness for the long life together.
Not a good hour golden-haired Eros plunged his arrow to Pan's heart.
Pan fall in love to Artemis' nymph Syrinx. Syrinx fearing the wrath of her Lady, if she loses innocence, began to run from Pan.
Due to one myth, Syrinx were turned to reed from which the Pan made reed pipe, due to other myth Syrinx turned to lilac (Syringa), from a branch of which Pan made a pipe. So that in many countries lilac (Syringa) is the symbol of separation. In England say, that if any person wears syringa, he or she will never wear wedding ring.

Finally Pan realized that Syrinx fled from him not willingly. He has understood that she was under the influence of circumstances and pressure from the side of Artemis. He stayed lonely being faithful to Syrinx.
We can see that left side Eros takes 2 arrows in his hand. Moon, dual, ambivalent symbol of Love. One arrow is this marriage for love and second arrow is a marriage according to calculation.
It is also love the will of the heart and the hearts of captive, when when the social environment, or circumstances interfere, like sad story about Romeo and Juliet. No wonder we can see the fox on the card, in Christin mythology the fox was associated with the machinations of the Devil.
In this way our Priest reminds me St.Valentine who restores love justice, combining couples who can not get married officially in love.

Very interesting thing on this card is place where Priest is standing.
First I want to come back to DEAR and the image of BEAR MOTHER WITH HER CUB. It is look like Ursa Major and Ursa Minor Constellation. Orion Constellation was called Osiris Constellation, GREAT HUNTER. The stars of Orion was called "Three Dears". Osiris (High Priest) is ridding in the sky and hunting dears. We can see that the Arrow of left side Eros aimed to Dear.

The are stones around priest. it is look like ritual place. There is one stone with image of Menhir on it. Menhirs were regarded as holy places for all tribes, because only here the Priests and Shamans could "talk" with the spirits of the great ancestors, asking them various advice.

We can see image of transition from Lower to Upper world on the cloth of the Priest. Two of Eros whisper to Priest's ears God's advice he sends people and then back to God all prayers of his parishioners. Their wings look like rays of sunlight are punched through the foliage of the dark forest. Lights of God's Word and knowledge penetrates and illuminates all dark and ignorant.
We can see that the pipe is aimed to the stone with three spirals.
Spirals symbolize spiritual growth. Celtic usually triple helix. This demonstrates the triple nature of the spirit, concentrated in the central point, the focus. Trinity spiritual nature is expressed by Christians in their divine Trinity. These curls - a symbolic image of the Cross, which Priest serves to.
Pipe symbolize the sound of God.

One novelist told:

"PRIEST is the PIPE through which the voice of God flowing free, does not touching its walls."

When the priests begin to distort the Word of God, or rebuild it to fit their interests, they distort the religion, the doctrine becomes dogma, and not helping people, but make them afraid. There are doubts about the sincerity and purity of faith.

Pan is the God-Shepherd.
And people due to Christian religion associated to God's flocks.

Purity of faith is clearly described in St. Peter's message to God's pupils, who was ordained to Priest position:

"Tend the flock of God that is your charge, not by compulsion but willingly according to God, not for shameful gain but eagerly, not as being lords over God's heritage but being examples to the flock. "(1 Pet. 5:2-4)
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