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Given what the deck's creator said about how very carefully placed the artist set that skeleton (meaning, I took it, so that *we* would be looking at ourselves in the mirror if we look at the card), I doubt that the Empress is the skeleton. But I do like the idea that she, herself, might have another mirror and a reflection of herself that the child is gazing at. I especially like the idea that the woman we're seeing isn't the real Empress. I like that this card seems to be about outward, Venus beauty and vanity (mirrors, pretty dresses, jewels, a dressing room), that display the naked truth, the bare-bones.

Originally Posted by herself
If only we could step into the card and see over her shoulder....
I suspect that we don't want to do that. In most stories, when a mortal gets a look at the real being beneath the human exterior, they tend to go insane...
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