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Originally Posted by herself
Linked to St Vitus being the patron saint of epileptics, this supports the whole 'letting go' of the known, and 'diving into' the unknown, the subconscious.
What a terrific point! There is that about this entire deck, that however scary and creepy it is, it never quite forgets that it's also a melodramatic deck, a deck where most of these stories seem to be performed on stage or in a silent movie. I think the Fool does let us know that he's the prologue, warming up the audience with comedy and a silly dance before the curtain opens and presents its show. And the gargoyles are like an audience, silently watching his dance.

So the actors, etc. matches the Fool card, as do the other aspects of St. V. like manic dancing--the Fool as mad or foolish? Also, as you point out, with epileptic fits--called in olden days the "falling sickness" and the Fool is a card that always warns "Watch that you don't fall."

The connection with St. V. matches up with the Fool on so many levels. Bravo. And thanks for pointing that out.
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