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Asherah Tarot, originally the Sarah Magdalene Tarot

EDIT: New Tarot Blog:

I've been uploading my cards to my blog for the last few months and thought it might be a good idea to post the link here. Feedback is always welcome!

Here they are:
Moderator note: The link no longer worked so it was removed
This is only a fraction of the cards I have painted, and I am still struggling to make decent online images from them. The paintings themselves look much better (if I don't say so...). I will try to post one there at least every fortnight from now on.

I painted the entire Major Arcana but I am unhappy with most of them, and plan to redo almost all of them. The Fool is one of the original set, but the Hermit and the Tower are the second round. You can see my style is changing all the time. And I am cursed by a lack of unity...none of them really go together. XD

Oh well. One thing I have realized now is that I do want to finish a pack (eventually). I had a crisis of sorts a few months ago, and stopped working altogether, but now I am re-inspired. I think 5 years of intense work had just worn me out totally.
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