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The creature in this card is a little unusual looking, in my opinion - no other person/creature in the deck looks like this one - he is singular in his look. The only other creatures who come close are the 9 of wands (and it is a mask that this one is wearing) and major arcana card XIII ("Death un-named).
Maybe the 10 is a continuation of the 9? The creature in the 9 is sitting in front of the eight wands (leading up the stairs) with one next to it a light. Maybe when the light goes out, it picks up all the wands it has collected and goes on it's way. There could be the 10th one on a stair that is not pictured, and the mask has become the face of the creature in the 10 because it has been wearing it for so long?
The wands in the 10 look dry and dead. In the other wands cards, the wands are functional (being used as tools or have leaves on them so they are alive and being used). In this one they seem to be a burden on this creature - maybe this is a meaning in itself - you have to use your wand energy as it becomes available - you can't save and store it because it will lose it's freshness/spontaniety after a time - intuition and creativity is spontaneous! It is not meant to be held on to, clutched at like it's going out of fashion....
Feedback and opinions welcome on this - I like to stare at the image and see a story to the suits and I refer to the creatures in this deck as "it" unless I think they look particularly?obviously masculine or feminine. In this card, I think it could be either or.
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