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Those wanting a domestic group now have a group!!!

OK. I created the first group. Those persons who wanted to have a domestic USA group have one! The only thing is that right now there are 6 of you, and since faunabay is away she will let us know on Monday if she is a domestic vs worldwide shipper. For now, I have her in the domestic group, and she can switch out if she wants to.

I am posting the group lists in the second post. Please know that Milfoil, Mi-Shell and Chronata are very popular so they may not be in the same groups. I am trying to spread the shamanic/creative/artsy folks out. I also want you to know that everyone who replied gave a few ideas about who they would like to be with, but in the end everyone said put me anywhere!

I hope that this is okay for all of you, because it will make it easier for me to move on now and begin randomizing the rest of the people.

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