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Margarete Petersen Study -Mother of Feathers (Queen of Swords)


  • I am the mother of all movement. I move invisibly in all drections and leave no trace. I play with the leaves on the trees and dry the laundry in the wind. My spirit is present in all things. No prison can contain me, because I pierce through all barriers. With my sharp sword, I hack to peices the insatiable, brooding, obsessively-turning-in-a-circle, discursive brain-spinning.

    I look inward and outward. See new, freshly slipped-out and still damp thoughts -- Tender, transparent, arranging themselves into the feathers, plumage, and swaying of swans, singing through the air, breathing in the happiness of belonging together. With invisible threads I weave the screen of our projections. I am the Incorruptible, and recognize the grain of truth in words.

    From my husband who penetrates everything, I took the warm airstream of breath.

Link to image: Mutter der Federn

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