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Interesting text. What to make of it?

New thoughts are compared to newborns. -- freshly slipped out and still damp -- as in a new-born calf, freshly slipped out from the mother cow. The freshly slipped out and still damp thoughts then arrange themselves gradually into neat patterns, as little tufts arrange themselves into feathers, little feathers assemble into plumage, plumage assembles itself a swan, and swans assemble into a flock swaying and singing across the sky.

The sharp sword of the Queen of Swords/Mother of feathers must hack up the confused "Hirngespinst" -- which I have translated as "brain-spinning". It is a cocoon, or spun web of circuitous, obsessive and disorganized thoughts leading nowhere, a tangled web of superfluous thoughts -- it must be finely minced before it can reassemble into organized thoughts, belonging neatly together as a flock of swans.

Thoughts once organized will "take flight", self expression with "soar"...
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