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Margarete Petersen Study -Eight of Swords - the net of perceptions

  • The eye's-view* -- perspectives change. The harder you hold on to the past, copied over and over again, the more your percepections will be grotesque and distorted. Shadows and spooks -- see what they're like. When they come, why they come, how they appear. Recognize their dynamic and play with it. Nothing remains static. Everything you see, you are -- it is what was received on your retina.

    Forgive yourself, and take in another perspective.

Link to image: Acht der Federn

*Der Augen-Blick -- a sort of play on words: augenblick means - the moment, as in "in the twinkling of an eye", or "in the blink of an eye" -- but here the word is separated into two nouns Augen (eyes) - Blick (view, glance, vision, scene) -- meaning -- what is perceived by the eye -- or, as she says further down, "what is received on the retina".

The word for "retina" - netzhaut in German is also interesting with regards to this card -- it is made of two smaller words : netz, (netting, mesh, grid, web) and haut (skin) -- it calls to mind the sort of net or trap the gal on the RWS eight of swords finds herself apparently emprisoned in -- the interesting implication being here, that we are emprisoned in the net of our own perceptions -- that which we take in - on our retina, aka "netting-skin" also becomes the net which entraps us... that our freedom will be won only by our changing perspectives -- and that this change in perspectives can be done in the "blink of an eye"...

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