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I like the older correlations

I actually prefer using the pre-Golden Dawn(G.D.) correlations for Tarot Number/Hebrew Letter relationships simply because it makes more sense to me, being familiar with Hebrew. The Aleph-bet is also traditionally used as a numbering system, where the first ten letters actually mean one through ten, so:
Aleph = Roman numeral one = 1 = Magician
has more meaning to me than having Aleph = 0 = Fool, etc. That said, I have little if any meaningful background in Astrology, which I believe is why the G.D. changed it.

Of course, 0 is still an issue, but I can more easily rationalize using the Shin = 0 = Fool from Papus, Levi, etc.

Anyhow, unless the Hebrew letters have special meaning to you, your plan of studying Joan Bunning's book first (which I actually did myself) and initially not worrying about the Aleph-bet correspondences at all sounds like a good one.
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