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Margarete Petersen Study - Mother of Coins - Mother Earth


  • I am Mother Earth. My being is embossed with growth and decay. My body, my gaze, [are] awake and present. Life has marked me with fine lines, woven me with trees, flowers, fruit, plants, animals, and all the organisms of the earth which blossomed into us.

    I am bountiful nourrishment, and put meat on the bones. At the new moon, my body answers with red lines. I live in the feet, the legs, the pelvis, the belly, the organs, the sinews and joints, the arms and hands, in the heart and in the head. I know the pathways. The circling, pulsing of the blood, the filigree of nerves. I am also to be found in markets, in the corridors of money- and commodity flows, in the fields, in the garden. I know the power of coins, both sides -- riches and poverty, accumulation and deficit.

    I am the rocking - calming -- quieting -- gathering -- healer -- epicure. I affect that which has not yet begun to appear. I am the coiled snake at the end of the whirl of bones, when it is unfurled, the grass shivers.

    My husband, whose body weight is the equal of mine, built me a boat, which carries me across the river.

Link to image: Mutter der Münzen

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