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I've never tried this type of exercise before but thought I'd have a go ...but unlike bowling or darts not a case of beginners luck I think !

I looked at the images when Mingbop first posted . Not much came through at all for me ! I don't know if it was because it was by then 2pm and I hadn't eaten ....but at the first image my throat felt constricted as did upper chest (like pressure was being applied ) and some underlying panic . 2nd picture these feelings went but the word "groundwater" came to mind , and perhaps the image of a well , and more swirling water (tho' this might simply be the image on the inside of my eyelid ! Being practical here .......) . The 3rd picture . Well , I felt better that I was viewing the house from a distance ...but nothing else . (But noticed the landscape round about , and it does look damp , so perhaps 'groundwater' means something ??!!)

And now back to the experts .....
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