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Originally Posted by Le Fanu
Like I said in the other thread, she makes me think of the mad aunt from Hell, wayward, cruel, making unreasonable (obscene?) demands before you get your inheritance.

As an image, it has always reminded me of this image by French photographer Brassai, who photographed the Paris underworld of pimps & prostitutes during the 1930s and he recounted how she used to frequent the same bar every night, dressed in luxurious but filthy clothes from another era, wearing incredible diamonds, moth-eaten furs, spoke to nobody and nobody knew where she came from. She was known as the Lady of the Diamonds until one day she simply vanished...
I'd like to get to know that old lady, too. I'd like to write both their biographies or help them write their memoirs. I'm serious!

Don't you want to know?
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