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Originally Posted by Grizabella
Good grief, y'all! What's that matter with ya? I love this card as one of my most favorite cards in that deck! I love this old lady and I'd be delighted to go spend a month or two at her castle getting to know her and hear of all her travels and adventures. She's a fascinating, delightful old lady who is totally misunderstood by all you shivering, superstitious kids who like to give yourselves nightmares and scare each other with tales of them and who like to make up stories that make her into an ogre when all she really is is a lonely old woman who never has any company because the world has written her off as being used up and of no worth anymore and because little kids make up scary stories about her---and believe them and passed them on to their own children.

I want to hear where she got those rings. What alleyway market she found them in in some exciting, exotic place she traveled to with her wealthy but now deceased husband on their travels.

And I want to hear where she got that diamond necklace. What smoldering, dark-skinned lover gave it to her in Marakesh (sp?) one steamy night when he begged her to stay with him forever but (she didn't stay, of course, because she was already married) but she still dreams of him and wears the necklace often.

See? She's really a wonderful old woman. You're missing a lot! She's got no heirs so you might even be missing out on a fortune if she chose to bestow it on someone who cared enough to see her as a real person.

But the nails, the naaaaaiiils!!! *collapses into the fetal position*
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