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She's the dowager, the matriarch. She'd better be: she's done everything she can to claw her way up to the top of the family tree. Every weekend she's courted by the younglings of the family, whom she happily sends thither and hither on complicated family quests. Quiet words in distant ears; a promise of a pearl necklace... it doesn't take much.

As for her? She knows she's old. She knows to the penny the price she's paid to get where and what she wants. Deep down - amongst the games she can't help but play - she enjoys the presence of these bright young things, ignores the pain that they suffer her violet-scented presence for the promise of an eventual fortune. She was once them; she remembers too well the ache of ambition, the fierce hope of attainment. She knows the experience of this strife has sculpted her; she likes to think she's sculpting those young ones, too.

And sure, there's a price to pay. She's never the first to taste her soup, for example, and she keeps a wise woman on hand who knows every antidote to every poison. There are few she trusts; but those she trusts have earned it. Her comforts are many and - ironically - simple. Satin and diamonds at the dinner table, but in the quiet of her own chamber all she craves is the flicker of her own fire, the quiet loyalty of her dog and the relief that comes from a woolly dressing gown and fleece-lined slippers. After all she's known and done, she knows she can play the game - and keep her position - as long as she values the things she's learned truly matter.

And in the meantime? She wouldn't be anybody else. She'd never be young again. Hold onto your riches... but value your experiences more...

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