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I'm amazed that there are still cards from this deck that we missed! Thank you for covering this.

One thing I note about the 2/Wands is the question of where are those two wands? As in many of these cards, the architecture gives them to us. The remnants of an arch and a chimney stand tall against the sky, like two wands. The real "wand" however is the staff in the man hand. This is important as he is also the one facing away and seems, as you say, content and ready to move on.

The woman, on the other hand, seems to be glancing back over her shoulder, as if she's uncertain about this decision to leave the ruins. Maybe it still has a hold on her, maybe she's just worried that if they leave something will come after them. She seems likely to change her mind and head back up the stairs at any moment. This is a harder decision for her.

Like all the cards in this deck, I think this one does a marvelous job of encapsulating the essence of 2/Wands. The woman, with no wand in hand, is splitting her focus and energy. She's on the stairs, between the ruins and being free of them. She's looking back, uncertain if this is the right decision. The man with the wand, however, has moved away from the ruins and isn't looking back. The essence of the 2/Wands is that you commit to a path, and you don't look back, or feel ambiguity, or try to do both.

The woman shows us someone who hasn't done this, who hasn't grabbed a wand and moved on; the man shows us someone who has done this.
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