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Bohemian Gothic--Six Cups

I'm pretty amazed that this one got lost in the shuffle (haha. Little tarot card joke there).

We see two of the most realistic and adorable children in the deck, the boy with a wreath and the girl with a potted flower visiting what has to be a grave and/or memorial garden. The marker shows a madonna and child, so we can pretty much assume that they're there to honor their mother. I made mention of the realistic element of the children because the BG is filled with some very creepy (if pretty) children, and in most cases I wouldn't take their innocence for granted. As in some of the cards, however, this one seems to feature the "villagers," the real people of the town not the supernatural inhabitants (though the one child does have red hair, and that might make us pause. How did mommy die?).

This is not to say that the children are free of the supernatural, just, I suspect, more in it's thrall than the cause of it. There are those infamous blue roses growing in the planter (those blue roses are the vampire bride's bouquet in 4/Cups and adornment for the little girl in 10/Cups. Blue roses do not grow in nature). But the feeling I get isn't that the children cultivated them so much that whatever the children plant there grows strange.

6/Cups usually stand for memory, nostalgia, good feelings associated with something familiar. There is often in this card a prediction of meeting an old friend or family member and sharing that feeling/memory. This card certainly suggests all of that while doing wonderful homage to the RW image of two children with flowers. There is the memory of the mother--made sacred and holy (nostalgia tends to do that), kept alive with regular offerings of wreaths and the planter of living flowers. A memory/feeling sustained.

The children share this memory by coming here together, dressed in their outing/gardening clothes--that is, specially garbed for this regular visit, as if they are visiting their mother, not her grave (which, in this deck, might be literally true!). Other thoughts?
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