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Originally Posted by ncefafn
I don't see her playing with her hair.
A close up look shows that she does have a lock of hair between her fingers and seems to be fiddling with it (pinning it back atop her head?). Which doesn't negate your very valid point that it's symbolically a "helpless" position and look. We see something similar with the Star, hands up and on the head. It's part of that "I'm just a helpless little girl..." look.

And yes, Nytebugg, she could be the crazy-someone in the basement (looks more like basement than attic). She looks a little young for the aunt, but there are plenty of stories with the crazy young sister locked away. But there is that open door back there. In a deck with so many gates and barred doors, an open door is notable.

Of course, it's dark on the other side of that door. Given the 8/Swords usual meaning, I get the feeling that it's going to a very different mind-set for her to plunge through that dark door. Entrapment there in the "basement" with illumination feels safer to her at the moment then freedom through that open door into the darkness beyond.
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