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Bohemian Gothic--Page of Swords

A young lady in a buttoned-up jacket, lace at the sleeves, braided hair gathered and tied up atop her head sits alone in a graveyard. It might be noon--or night with a very bright moon--either way, the one lamp in the yard is not lit. She gazes back over her shoulder at a stone angel with a sword. The Angel has his head on his fist, almost "Thinker" style, but more melancholy.

Between the style of the girl's tightly buttoned up jacket and the equilateral cross about her neck, she gives off a "soldier" feel. In the Victorian/Edwardian age, women's jackets often copied men's military uniforms, showing the age's worship of military heroes. Fitting a Page of Swords, she indicates with the jacket's style her own admiration of such heroes. The jacket, however, isn't totally soldier-esque; there is some flowery embroidery and lace. This, to me, hints that she is in between civilian and solider. Her glance over at the angel with the sword indicates that she's leaning towards being (or still learning how to be) a soldier. This fits for Pages, in my mind, new to the "court," still learning the ropes, still becoming what they will be.

I also like the Angel with the Sword making that connection between Air and Swords. It also suggests the Page's role of messenger (angels being messengers), and the connection between swords and intellect in it's "Thinkers" pose. However, the lamp isn't lit, the angel's sword is down, and both he and the girl are seated. These are warriors in waiting as it were.

Other thoughts on this Page of Swords?
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