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Wow! what a post! I sure enjoyed hearing your take on this earthangel.

I was especially interested by what you said about the colours
And maybe the red in the peacock feather is the remnants of the Ten as we begin another rotation.
- relating it back to the peacock feather of the Ace of feathers. The peacock's tail is also mentioned in the Father of Feathers and I learned that in alchemy the "peacock's tail" is code for the stage in the alchemical process where a dazzle of colours occurs, tempting one to think that the goal is reached. See my discussion of the peacock's tail on that thread.

Diana also talked about the necessity to not give up to soon in her game thread for the ten of swords. where she quoted Nelson Mandela. (Very worthwhile to read the thread for Diana's comments and also for the Mandela quote)

In Diana's concluding post she quotes and translates from "L'interprétation des Arcanes Mineurs des Nombres et des Quatre Eléments by Alain Brêthes,"
"(.......) one cannot stop and rest to savour the fruits of one's work, because the 10 [of Swords] incites us to go even further in our accomplishments. (.........) If one halts one's progression, even momentarily, one can lose sight of a part of what one has already acquired. One has chosen a path that cannot be abandoned. (........) One could ignore [the objectives], but the light of these that is glimpsed, and which shines with such intensity, means that one cannot resist it......."
So the with your colour analysis, you have tied the ten back to the Ace, and that is really meaningful in many many ways.

I enjoyed your personal take on the card. (This seems to be my card for the week too, LOL)
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