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Re: Cat's Eye Tarot

Originally posted by shamaness
The world cannot have too many cat decks
I've been dithering about whether to say anything on this thread, but in the spirit of the comment above, I think I probably should come clean and say that we are also working on a cat deck.

BUT it is VERY different from this deck - which I agree is SO sweet and has a real personality and knowledge of cats - like others I look forward to seeing it available. And well, a world with TWO more cats decks can't be bad can it?

I'll upload one or two of ours as soon as I can - but on another thread for fear of butting into this one. I suspect that our deck is a bit of an open secret now anyway.

Catdoc, please do take part in threads when you can. It would be good to hear more from you, and more about your deck as it progresses.
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