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Originally Posted by Master_Margarita
The book is one of Dominic's attributes, but a book is an attribute of half the saints out there. I'd feel more confident of the ID as Dominic were there a dog with a torch somewhere. It's hard to see the detail on the statue in the Silver deck.

A book plus flames suggests Saint Anthony to me...

No, there is no dog, and I also wondered about that. But Dominic was not always shown with a dog and there is the story about his book coming three times out of the flames it was thrown into. It may be Saint Anthony (you mean of Padua?) - I honestly think it's hard to be sure as the statue is quite damaged and there seems to be no text.

Edited to add. Looking around, St Cajetan is another possibility.

The statue was in the original photograph that we chose primarily because of the nuns and the grid. We decided to leave it in as we liked it - so it wasn't actually chosen specifically for the image, it's more that it made its way in. However, we know from past experience that when something like that just sort of makes its way into a picture because it feels as if it fits, then it often turns out to be amazingly apt. I would really love some confirmation about which saint this is, for this reason.
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