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Originally Posted by brother Joseph
The key to this card is in the roses to the left. If you sit them right next to the roses on the Empress card you get an exact match with the roses and even the carpet. Clearly these are linked. Its like another room in the Empress palace. The cards are designed to sit next to each other.
Actually, I don't get an exact match with the roses in the Empress and the Three of Swords cards at all. The bouquet in the Empress is cut roses, whereas the roses in the Three of Swords appear to be climbing roses, not a cut floral arrangement. There is no carpet shown in the Three of Swords, because it is an outdoor card, whereas the Empress is an indoor card. The Three of Swords card has a bluish cast and the Empress card has a yellowish cast in comparison because the apparent light source is artificial (candlelight). Don't get me wrong, I think your comparison of the two cards is very interesting, but I think you overstate your case when you say "the cards are designed to sit next to each other." I don't think they are.

Originally Posted by brother Joseph
Also its good to notice the hebrew letters on her dress - Im unclear on their significance.

Finally she looks a lot like the woman with the vulture in pentacles. However she is at full peace and action for her leads to a deeper understanding of Spirit. It is the same for this lady but it is sorrow doing the same. Perhaps she is a younger version of the same lady - judging by the hair style.
I do not believe there are Hebrew letters on the woman's dress. The photograph from which this image is taken is in the companion book and this image appears faithful in that respect to the photograph.

By "woman with the vulture in pentacles" do you mean the Nine of Pents? I think she is a falconer and the bird is a falcon. The Nine of Pents woman looks quite manic, but she is not significantly older IMO than the woman in the Three of Swords. I personally do not interpret her facial expression to signify that she is "at peace." Interesting take though.

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