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I'm bumping this thread because I got some more additions to my oracle kit. They come from the ever generous Mi-Shell who had her husband deliver the packages in person to my house. So I got inter-group, inter-national items!

I'm tired, so I'll just post a short list of what I got and show you a picture instead of another one of my long, gushing write-ups. In order of unwrapping:
- a quartz crystal
- a piece of obsidian knife
- a tiny metal Wolf (probably made by Mi-Shell)
- a golden coin with stamps on both sides (definitely made by Mi-Shell)
- a pottery shard from an archaeological dig
- a piece of unidentified bone (I hope to hear more about this)
- a piece of antler(?)
- a part of a Turtle/Tortoise shell

This truly saved my day today! I'm loving all the items and look forward to doing another reading with my kit (I'm hoping for the weekend).

Speaking of which: Now that you've had a week to think about my suggestion (see my previous post) - what about a Flotsam & Jetsam reading exchange between us Drummer Girls?
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