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Originally Posted by WolfyJames
That woman on the card has that smile like she won already, and that makes her careless, and she's making projects in her head but the deed is not fully done yet and anything can still happen.
I agree! The usual 7/Cups is about daydreaming and fantasizing about possible futures. Our young vampire (?) maiden is literally "below stairs" toasting herself and dreaming, it seems, about all she's going to do and be once she is in control of that castle.

Wrapped only in a red drape and with that satisfied smile on her face, I get the feeling that she been "transformed" in a bite that was as much sexual as supernatural. Perhaps she was one of the lesser vampires at the castle and it was the vampiric lord she just had relations with. So now she's imagining all she's going to be and do when he makes her his new queen.

Or perhaps she just asked a vampire to transform her, and now, as a newly made vampire (?) she daydreams about all she is now going to do that she couldn't do before: replace the current lady of the castle with herself, take revenge on those who slighted her (?), have riches, lovers, etc.

But as you say, Wolfy, she shouldn't count her chickens before they hatch. And even if she gets all she wants, it may not be as she imagined. Vampires, after all, have to worry about vampire hunters...the rewards and fantasy futures we imagine for ourselves are rarely so perfect or trouble free as in our daydreams.
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