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7/Pents is a difficult card to create an image for as it's often about waiting, the "ripeness is all" factor--also trying to overcome failure (the card is sometimes called "Failure"). And, as you point out, MM, this includes reflection on what's been achieved. Essentially the card says that what comes fast fails, what comes slow is more likely to succeed, so one needs to learn patience.

I empathize with the card creators when it comes to finding the right picture to get this across. I'd certainly be stumped. That said, this card image is a little flat for me. It does have the feeling of the woman waiting, maybe to become one of those skulls? And her reflecting, rather like Hamlet, on the meaning of life (we all end up as skulls, right?). But it doesn't quite get across the essence of the card for me. I keep wondering if there's something I'm missing, a little extra in the shadows that would make me go "Oh!"
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