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Mythic Tarot - Two Cups

Psyche, dressed in white to proclaim her virginity, is bound on a rock by Aphrodite’s order awaiting her death in the jaws of a monster that lives below the sea. A golden cup stands at her feet. As she looks away into the distance, Eros hovers behind her. He holds a golden cup in his right hand and an arrow, with which he has just pricked himself, in his left hand. Instead of carrying her to her death, he has fallen in love with Psyche.

  • suggests the polarization of the initial raw energy of the Ace in the form of the attraction between male and female
  • the raw feeling of the Ace now has a focus
  • the early days of a relationship, when the power of love and attraction is great; the first flush of love
  • seeing one’s partner without fault because one is so attracted by the positive qualities that failings are overlooked
  • the new potential of the Ace has emerged from the unconscious by projecting itself onto someone (or something) outside of oneself as attraction to another
  • the person that one is attracted to provides a glimpse of who or what one is in the process of becoming; in the case of Eros and Psyche, Eros sees the chance for humanization through relationship with a human, while Psyche will be lifted to a higher and more spiritual level of love through becoming immortal
  • Aphrodite’s power has turned into the power of attraction

  • god of love, he pierces the hearts of both gods and mortals with his gold-tipped arrows of desire
  • he also had lead-tipped arrows for those who he wished to make adverse to love
  • her name means “soul” in Greek
  • her beauty was such that it caused men to forget to worship Aphrodite, thus angering the goddess

Random Thoughts
  • Eros’ accidental pricking of himself with his arrow of love suggests that not only does one not have any say about with whom one falls in love but also that one may fall in love unexpectedly
  • the rock upon which Psyche stands could indicate the solid foundation from which the relationship begins
  • the waves crashing against the rock could represent emotional turmoil that can’t reach Psyche
  • representation of blind love

The keyword/phrase I came up with during my workbook exercises on 26 Oct 91 was "blind love".

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