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Mythic Tarot - Ten Cups

Psyche has been raised to divine status, and now she can enter the world of the gods with Eros. She and Eros have returned to his palace. Her virginal white gown has been replaced with one of gold and she now bears a set of golden wings. Ten cups are stacked before them.

  • a state of permanence and ongoing contentment
  • a marriage built upon a conscious union of two loving but separate partners
  • indicates a relationship that will withstand any future challenges
  • a love that has moved beyond the personal and sensual and into the spiritual
  • loving another can cause life to have meaning and purpose and can cause a larger, brighter world to appear before one
  • when it has passed through many tests and been built upon honesty and humility, love can connect one with oneís own soul and with a feeling of permanence, meaning and rightness in life
  • a gentler and less passionate sense of ongoing peace than that shown in the 9P
  • a love that grows steadily and embraces others
  • founding a family so that the love that the couple shares can now be extended to children
  • a relationship thatís strong enough to weather any disagreements
Random Thoughts
  • true love conquers all if one is willing to go the distance
  • a relationship that is hard fought for and in which one or both people go through a lot of changes to attain the relationship and make it work
  • if one bails on oneís relationships at the first sign of trouble, one will never attain this level of relationship

The keyword/phrase I came up with doing my workbook exercises was "lasting contentment".

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