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I might be getting a little Dungeons and Dragons here but story-wise I rather feel like this challenger, all cloaked and holding a wicked looking morning-star, is someone who wants to join the bad-guy's club. An assassin trying to prove he's worth hiring. This is his way of distinguishing himself, and proving that he can be trusted with the real deal.

The 5/Wands always has an air about it of a test or competition to see who will go on to the real thing. I see that element here--and I think it'd be even more so with a spectator watching over it all (who, I would presume, might create or control the spirits). What's interesting to me is that the threatening spirits/demons seem to be wearing similar robes. The feeling I get is that they are the ghosts of those who tried this challenge and failed. Which would echo the typical RW 5/Wands idea of facing equals for this position and add in that cool extra message of the 5/Wands: battling our fear of failure.

I suspect that unlike in the usual 5/Wands, if our challenger fails this test he fails for good (dies!)--and maybe becomes one of those spirits to face down the next challenger
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