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Blowing up the image that Karen posted, I also note some wonderful details. The dress isn't actually white. The girl is wearing a lacy-white chemise and a satiny, pale-pink corset with embroidered roses on it (both sexy and, as Surja pointed out, girlish and implying life). I would also say that she's in her undergarments. Beautiful as the corset is, it's rather like our version of beautiful underwear; such corsets were worn underneath bodices or blouses or gowns.

So the implication I get is that as she was getting ready to go to bed and her fiance "summoned" her (Darn vampires. Never fails. You try to get ready for bed and that's when they decide they want to chat!). So she came out half-undressed. Like Fiance, this is another emphasis on her "half-way" position (not yet married, but almost. Not yet undressed, but almost). It makes her choice a double-entendre of sorts. Will the girl give up her "virginity" both in being bitten by her fiance and in having sex with him?
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