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Crystal Tarot - Empress

Hi everyone,

I have taken parts of this from my 78 week study. Heres the thread if you would like to know what thats about.

I thought I would post it here in case anyone would like to add their thoughts and of course because not all of you will be reading that thread.
scroll down on left to the Crystal Tarot and then click on Empress

This card is a mix of both RWS and Marseille. It is beautiful, all of the harvest colours are here including gold and red. The colours of wisdom and physical realisation. The Empress sits rather majestically on her throne, the back of which looks almost like wings. They are not clear, they look faded. This is now so obvious to me (thank-you jmd!), they represent ideas not yet manifested , not 'brought to life' as jmd puts it.

She looks 'comfortable' with herself and her surroundings. She rules her empire as well and as has been pointed out to me, she is an intelligent soul. So much of what she represents can be seen in this card. If you look carefully you can see she is holding hands with at least one other person, this shows her caring, nurturing, motherhood side. She cultivates, educates, creates and this is seen in her surroundings by the abundance of fruits. Some flowers are in bud - projects conceived but not yet come to fruition. Three leaves grow up a tree trunk (triple goddess). The eagle (hawk) is there too.

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