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Baba (aka Karen)
I have chosen to just show paws on the aces. As I start on the minor arcana cards I debated in which order to do them in.

I have had a rough outline for all of the cards from the start, but as you know, the images tend to evolve as you work on each individual card. For the Majors I did them in numerical order from zero to twenty one to avoid the temptation to work on my favorite cards and leave more challenging ones till last.

For the minors I decided to do the 4 aces first to set the color and tone for the suits. I do not have "suit symbols" per se but rather plan to use color with a nod to elemental atributions to help the reader identify suit. Cards will be labeled with the traditional suit names and a number, but no cups, wands, pentacles or swords will appear in the images. Fish, Reptiles, Rodents, and Birds as well as cat coat colors will hopefully help tie the suit cards together.

For the Major Arcana, I chose purple as a common if subtle color scheme. (it is more apparent in the original art work than in the scanned images). For the minors I will probably try to be a bit less subtle and will use orange for wands, red-pink for cups, blue for swords, and green-brown for pentacles.

I will share images of the aces soon.
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