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Medieval Scapini -- Ace of Swords

I'm returning to this deck for its lively,colorful art and esoteric depth by way of myriad apt symbols, along with its wit and historic sensibility. It's got a lot going for it. The book written for it is excellent,too (Decker's Art and Arcana). As to the Ace of Swords--it strikes me as showing two ways of thinking: the winged crown at the top of the card is thinking that unifies, that looks to the whole in a non-dividing way. The blade of the sword divides down its center, into two wedge-like sides. Cain and Abel are separated above the hilt, seated on a ledge with yin-yang exactly between-- thinking that separates, that divides parts, polarizes. The snake wrapped around the sword is the power of thought, which can join together or tear apart.
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