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Using the Bohemian Gothic

Since I have questions about reading with, and the style, of the BG, I thought this would be the best place to ask.

For those of us who will be getting our first BG and do not have a companion book, I thought those who already have a BG, with, or without, a companion book, might be kind enough to share some of their thoughts.

I know we all read differently, some more intuitively, some following a system, some using a combination. The BG is unique though, so was just wondering others thoughts who have been reading with it awhile. RWS system useful? Companion book important? LWB suffice? Or did you personally just feel the images lent themselves best to intuitive reading?

Again, I know there's no right or wrong way to read, BUT the BG is so different from other decks, just wanted to see if anyone was willing to share their thoughts and experiences with reading, and style(s) they employed, with it.

Thanks and blessings,

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