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Greetings All

Ah, Sulis, you're right. It should have been spelled out, literally. I see that's been corrected for me, thank you, RW. I guess it's a compliment for Karen and Alex that after months of seeing BG, it was just automatic to think in the abbreviation. But too right, it is difficult enough to find things sometimes because there's so much in here, I certainly didn't want to add to that.

Disa, Irisa, Thirteen and Olivia1, you told me EXACTLY what I wished to know. I tend toward reading intuitively, but also occasionally look at various books for options I may have not thought of. Since I have no idea what's in the companion book, but do see it is quite large, I was curious what I would miss without it. I do hope it becomes available to print online, as I don't think another oublishing is scheduled to take place, althought THAT would be great!

Right now, I'm just looking forward to getting my first Magic Realist deck. After reading about how fabulous their decks are, it will be lovely to experience first hand!

THANKS TO ALL. Again, ATers have given me the information I was looking for.

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