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Jason and his crew voyage away from Colchis after successfully escaping from King Aeetes. The Argo is in full sail, with eight flaming wands lined up on its deck. Dolphins play in the ship’s wake.

  • represents good fortune
  • salvation, transformation, speed
  • a release of creative energy after a period of anxieties and struggles
  • a time when delays and setbacks seem to be past and the future looks bright and exciting
  • after facing conflict, which stimulates the imagination, and seeing it through, one often finds that oneself in a period of smooth sailing where plans proceed toward the goal at a rapid rate
  • a feeling of buoyancy and confidence, which seems to be gained through triumphing over obstacles
  • after meeting the challenges of competition and self-doubt, one experiences renewed energy
  • there’s a relationship between the workings of the creative imagination and the presence of healthy conflict in one’s life
  • restriction and challenge are necessary in order to enjoy the exciting flow of energy Jason and his crew feel as they sail home
  • the time is right for purposeful activity
  • the suggestion that new undertakings will be successful
  • one must take advantage of productive phases when they occur, because they will not last
Random Thoughts
  • being on the “home stretch” of a creative endeavor
  • everything seems to be going one’s way
  • smooth sailing

The keyword/phrase I came up with in my workbook on 14 Mar 92 was "smooth sailing".

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