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Mythic Tarot - Page Wands

Phrixus rides on the back of a golden-fleeced ram as it flies through the air. He holds a flaming wand aloft, its fire streaming into the wind behind him.

  • son of King Athamas, he and his sister Helle were conceived during the king’s marriage to a phantom-woman named Nephele, who the king married at Zeus’ command
  • after Nephele vanished, the king married Ino, who was jealous of both children
  • Nephele plotted to have the harvest fail and then claimed that the Oracle of Delphi demanded that Phrixus be sacrificed to Zeus to lift the curse; this was her way of getting her own child to become heir to the throne
  • Zeus resented having his name used in this plot and sent the golden ram to rescue Phrixus
  • as he mounted the ram, Phrixus pulled his sister Helle up with him, but during the flight she lost her hold and fell into the sea
  • upon reaching Colchis, Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus as his deliverer
  • fire in its most delicate and fragile beginnings – the first stirrings of creative inspiration which usually manifest as a kind of restlessness and unease with existing conditions
  • he is the messenger or stage-setter who opens the action before the better-known heroes enter the stage
  • messenger who brings new ideas and forms the basis for new ventures to begin
  • the beginning of a new phase in which the creative world must be developed and given a new lease on life
  • the beginnings of the creative imagination are usually at odds with more realistic people and the demands and responsibilities of the mundane world
  • irritability and restlessness which often provokes others and causes problems in one’s personal life and work
  • the beginnings of a new creative idea need to be cared for, protected and nurtured lest they be put out by the jealousy or anger of others or by one’s own negativity and narrowness
  • these early young ideas are often childlike (or childish) and don’t reflect the final form which ends in a major creative effort; often the early concept vanishes to be replaced with something better and stronger
  • a pointer to the power of the imagination, suggesting that there’s a lot more where the first idea came from
  • an inspirational or artistic person may enter one’s life or an opportunity will rise for one to develop creative talents through career or study
Random Thoughts
  • get out of Dodge fast!
  • someone else is plotting ill against you
  • others’ back-office machinations that will have a direct effect on one
  • a personal loss that must be endured because you’re a part of something bigger than you know

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