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I think the kitty on the Ace of Wands will make out ok, but I am a little worried about the one who has to deal with the 10 of wands. I haven't settled on just how to best show a cat who has taken on a bit too much. :-) Luckily I don't plan to wrestle with that one for a while. I am working on the other two aces and hope to make some progress this weekend. I can only paint when inspiration settles in and I have quiet time alone.

I have been following the many responses to the BBCT and have l have been overwhelmed with the beauty and detail of your creation. I am sure it does not surprise you that I can't wait to own a copy of your deck. Not only are the cats wonderful...., well what more is there to say.....

If your deck had been available a few years ago I might never have felt the need to create one of my own.

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